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Lindsay Kay

3D software engineer / WebGL developer

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My chapter on SceneJS for OpenGL Insights is now free to download!




The BioDigital Human™

Built the core WebGL rendering technology for the BioDigital Human anatomy visualization platform, which now serves over 3 million users. Lead 3D software development from 2009-2015.

BIMData™ Online 3D BIM Viewer

Developed the 3D BIM viewer for BIMData.io, a cutting-edge platform to manage your construction projects that provides an all-in-one solution to visualize, check, edit and share building information.

BIMSurfer Online BIM Viewer

Developed the 3D viewer within BIMSurfer, the first open source WebGL-based IFC viewer.

SolidComponents™ Online CAD Viewer

Developed the 3D CAD viewer within the SolidComponents™ online product catalog.

xeogl - WebGL engine for ArchViz & CAD

Created xeogl, an open source JavaScript library for WebGL-based 3D visualization.

xeogl is currently used within several commercial BIM and CAD viewers.

SceneJS - WebGL engine for MedViz

Created SceneJS, one of the first widely-used open source WebGL engines.

A modified, private fork of SceneJS powers the BioDigital Human, the leading online anatomy visualization platform.

xeometry - WebGL Library for viewing glTF

Created xeometry, an experimental open source JavaScript library for viewing and interacting with 3D glTF models on WebGL.

Creating WebGL Demos for zSpace using xeogl

Partnered with zSpace to develop WebGL-based demos on the zSpace 300 system using xeogl, an open source library I created for 3D visualization in the browser.

Wind Turbine Testing for Windflow™

Contracted with Windflow Technology Ltd to number-crunch terrabyte-sized datasets to verify turbine power efficiency and structural performance.