Work / BIMData IFC Viewer

Jul 2017 - May 2019

In July 2017, xeolabs worked with BIMData in Lyon, France, to develop the WebGL-based 3D viewer within their browser-based building information modeling (BIM) platform.

Powered by xeogl

We developed the first version of the BIMData viewer on xeogl, an open source WebGL-based 3D library from xeolabs.

Upgraded to xeokit SDK

In February 2019, we upgraded the viewer to use xeokit SDK, a more powerful 3D library from xeolabs, created in 2019. As a result, BIMData's users can now interact with much larger IFC larger models, containing hundreds of thousands of objects.


For this job, we hired David Lenaerts, a freelance graphics programmer in Ghent, Belgium, to take care of the math for 3D gizmo interactions. We’d recommend David to any developer who needs help with their graphics projects.

Learn More

  • Try platform in your browser.
  • Check out xeokit, the 3D SDK at the heart of the BIMData viewer.

xeokit's unmatched loading and rendering speed enables us to create interactive and customizable Web visualization experiences for large BIM models, even when loading many large models simultaneously.

The code is clear and properly documented, the examples are sufficient to understand how everything works, and the API is explicit and complete. These qualities, in combination with xeokit's experienced and skilled community, make xeokit a viable alternative to larger engines such as AutoDesk Forge and Unity. Hugo Duroux, Technical Director at