Work / The BioDigital Human

January 2009 - February 2019

From 2009-2019 xeolabs worked with BioDigital Systems in Manhattan, New York to develop the WebGL-based 3D rendering technology for the BioDigital Human anatomy visualization platform. The Human is BioDigital's flagship application and currently serves over five million users.

Powered by SceneJS

We developed the Human on SceneJS, an open source WebGL-based 3D library from xeolabs.

One of the first WebGL libraries (2006), we continued to improve SceneJS, then eventually forked a private version, which we adapted specifically for BioDigital (2015). Read more about SceneJS in OpenGL Insights (2012).

Awards and Recognition

Human was presented at TEDMED 2012, and was featured in the New York Times, ABC News and Wired magazine.

Human also won several awards, including:

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